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Unisex and More | High Quality | Limited Production


Krave Shoes are each designed using optimized tools provided in the Alive Shoes  designer platform. 

 Krave designer shoe has designer protection and is designed with the purpose of merging fashion, timeless style, high quality & comfort.


Krave Class


Traditional Italian Shoe makers  are known for high quality craftmanship.

This  made possible by Alive Shoes, consumers are delivered comfortable designer shoes. Alive Shoes guarantees satisfaction  100 % or option to refund within 30 days.

Krave Luxe


These are limited edition shoes and will NOT be mass produced Krave Shoes go from designer platform -to- production after the first seven customers have ordered. 

Adding Krave limited edition shoes to your collection will add timeless style and long lasting comfort to your fashion wardrobe.

Krave Zen

Krave | Unisex Sandal | orders AVAILABLE until July 8th


Krave Class | Unisex Sandal

Stylish yet simply a flare of its own, introducing Krave Class | Unisex Shoes. This effortless taste in a sandal was designed for fun summer fashion.

Limited Offer - $30 Off Coupon Code EEIJWUKTOXC

 Ships Free to US and Europe!  

Krave Class | Pre-order Here Before July 8th, 2019!


Krave Hex

 Colorful in all the world, there are moods with many faces but where would we be without darkness. Krave Hex, the need for zero color does exist. Unisex shoes for any occasion.

 Limited Offer - $20 Off Coupon Code IFZAZFHIWZV

 Ships Free to US and Europe!  

Krave Hex | Pre-Order Here Before July 8th, 2019!


Krave Luxe

 Krave Luxe unisex sandal brings together the timeless fashion and comfort of genuine leather stripe design. Red and neutral tones compliment this style of luxury sandal. 

  Limited Offer - $20 Off Coupon Code KKIVZCYSTGJ 

 Ships Free to US and Europe! 

Krave Luxe | Pre-Order Here Before July 8th, 2019!


Krave Zen

 In a life of continuous climb; tame the demand, silence the noise and take back your zen.

   Limited Offer - $20 Off Coupon  IAGMRIVXVAA

Ships Free to US and Europe! 

Krave Zen | Pre-Order Here Before July 8th 2019!

KRAVE | Unisex Shoes and More

Living Design


 KRAVE  | Unisex Shoes and More
Is a brand initiative supported by Alive Shoes to bring high quality custom style shoes from designer platform into hand crafted production through interest of consumer support. 

If you like our design protected custom style shoes,  please support us so that we can continue to bring more high fashion styles to you that are not available any where else.

Our goal is to provide high quality fashion and unique style in each limited design.

Monthly, we update our latest design protected styles on KRAVESHOES.COM and promote on social media Facebook and Instagram for you to check out. Thank you everyone!





DM (812)550-9083

Shoe design styles found on KRAVE are of Unisex styles that are versatile in fashion and comfort.  Men's and Women's shoe styles are also available. All shoes ordered from Alive Shoes are 100% satisfaction guaranteed, free return & hand crafted by traditional Italian shoemakers. Free Shipment to residents of US, United Kingdom and Europe.

If you like the styles offered on this website or for the designer's purpose & integrity, your continued support in any or all of the following methods is greatly appreciated:

Thank you!


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